Once upon a time...

i believed in fairy tales... Oh & i still do

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I want all my secrets back


I can’t control the universe but I sure as shit can get drunk and yell at it

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I wish I could be more. But not for you. Fuck you. I want to be more for myself.

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I’m sad like this—
like the last supply of band-aids
after escaping a fire
and the last drop of rum.
The first one, covering bruises
that are too big for its continent
of scarlet seas and heat marks.
The second, a reminder of
how much my throat misses the taste
of salt and of you before twelve midnight.
Let’s get drunk past 2 am.
Let’s make this an entry for a World Record.
My mom says,
the most painful tears
are the ones that are not cried.
So I’m going to start by wishing for anything
but you on my birthday.
This second,
before I typed that comma.
I’m sad like this—
We fell asleep before the clock struck 2 am.
Most nights, I’m the only one drunk
while watching Guinness.
Funny, how millions of people
want to be remembered for anything,
and all I ever wanted was to forget
about you on my birthday
and that’s close to impossible,
like using four more commas
after saying that I won’t.
Like remembering you,
after this period.

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My heart is so tired.
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